John R. Taylor, Jr.

John R. Taylor, Jr. Chairman, CEO, CIO Management (

John Taylor is the Chairman, CEO and founder of FX Concepts. He has over 40 years of experience in the foreign exchange and related fixed income markets. He is recognized as an expert in the management of foreign exchange and a pioneer in the analysis of cyclicality of foreign exchange and interest rate markets.

Prior to founding FX Concepts, John was a Vice President at Citibank, where he headed the bank’s marketing and advisory services in foreign exchange.

John began his career at Chemical Bank, where he founded that bank’s Foreign Exchange Advisory Service in 1972. In this capacity he was the author of Foreign Exchange Exposure Management, which was published by Chemical Bank. In addition, John developed the first computer models designed to assist multinational corporations in the management of foreign exchange risk.

John’s executive responsibilities at FX Concepts include serving as Chief Investment Officer. He also continues to provide analytical input daily and is available for client contact.

John has had numerous articles published in investment management journals and is an accomplished speaker widely noted for his skills in forecasting currency relationships.


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