Keys to Success

Jim Rogers‘ Keys to Success (taken from the titles and sub headings of each chapter of the new book, “A Gift To My Children”):

  1. Do not let others do your thinking for you
  2. Focus on what you like
  3. Good habits for life & investing
  4. Common sense? not so common
  5. Attention to details is what separates success from failure
  6. Let the world be a part of your perspective
  7. Learn philosophy & learn to think
  8. Learn history
  9. Learn languages (make sure Mandarin is one of them)
  10. Understand your weaknesses & acknowledge your mistakes
  11. Recognize change & embrace it
  12. Look to the future
  13. “Lady Luck smiles on those who continue their efforts”
  14. Remember that nothing is really new
  15. Know when not to do anything
  16. Pay attention to what everybody else neglects
  17. If anybody laughs at your idea view it as a sign of potential success

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